Prashant Packers and Movers Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing and Unpacking Services

We look forward to assist you in your search for the perfect moving company that suits your moving needs.Prashant Movers & Packers. Pune believes we are that business in which our professional moving service, combined with our pricing, is unmatched by any competitor. Prashant Movers & Packers . Pune has been providing CAR RELOCATION service in Pune and surrounding area for many years and wants to serve you for your smooth shifting.

The team of Prashant Packers and Movers pack the goods as per their nature and quantity. The whole tasks of packing are performed under the strict conditions by our expert to assure the packing quality and their protection. The trained and friendly employees will be in continuous contact with the clients, the minute a customer calls for household items shifting to offer service with excellent protection.

Prashant Movers & Packers Pune is a local packers and movers company providing all moving services like Packing & Moving, Home Shifting, Office Shifting, Car Relocation, Loading & Unloading, Warehousing etc to consumers and businesses. Hiring the home relocation service from our company is reliable and affordable by all including those who operate on budget constraints for transportation. By hiring Prashant Packers and Movers Pune's home moving services you are worry free for sure as your house hold goods will reach at the target destination, safe and secured.

Prashant Packers and Movers Commercial Shifting Services

Commercial Shifting Services

Unlike domestic shifting, international relocation services always causes different kinds of problems. Situation becomes more problematic when you have fragile and big size items. If, you are looking for an ideal service provider that can deliver expected results then rely upon Prashant Packers and Movers. To serve customers in a professional manner, this international relocation packers and movers company has employed a long team of highly experienced professionals. This team works with commitment using hi-tech equipments and international standard packaging materials. It simply means you will not face any kind of difficulty throughout the process. At new location, you will find every possession safe and damage free. .

The shifting team is better trained in this aspect so that errorless service is being done. All commercial office shifting involves a binding cost that is delivered better in advance so that your company could plan its budget consequently and plan for the relocation without concerning regarding incurring added costs on a moving day. We need to manage a reasonable price for our customers, although shifting itself could take days.

Are you looking for reliable and reputed transportation services from India? Your search ends here. Best Transport company in India, We provide a broad range of freight Forwarding management and customized logistics solution backed by a automated ERP based software. We leverage our operational expertise, technology and a high capacity network of transportation vehicles, to identify logistics problems and provide end-to-end supply chain solution from unique perspective clients. We provide all type of best transportation services to all over India part and full load.

Prashant Packers and Movers Household Shifting Services

Household Shifting Services

Advanced transport modes and communication facilities have shrunk the world into a small village. So, it is quite common moving to new place for the sake of job and comply all responsibility. You do not need to worry on any ground if have fallen in this kind of situation as you stay protected against various tiring and time taking exercises while moving home or office. Just consult Prashant Packers and Movers for household relocation services and get ready to start the new phase of life at the new town while staying away of different kinds of hassles.

Customers also stay protected against big expenditure while taking the services of this household relocation services because its charges are low to come in budget of everyone. This pocket-friendly feature allures those clients more who have limited resources of income and cannot afford big expense.

Household moving services represent complete packing of products, right from the first inspection to the last settling. High-quality packing supplies such as cartons, wrapping papers, wooden lamination boxes, tape, etc. are employed to handle the security of the products. All the packing tasks is performed under the advice of shifting professionals who work hard to ensure that the items are packed and do not get damaged during relocation.

Prashant Packers and Movers Loading and Unloading

Loading and Unloading

House Shifting services by Prashant Packers & Movers. Pune is the best option for you or your family when promptness and greater care are required. Our professionals will take great care of all your belongings right from the packing & loading till unloading

  • Loading by professional staff.
  • Organization of packed cartons near the vehicle.
  • Alert and secured placement of boxes according to the nature of products.
  • Covering the boxes and items with waterproof sheets.
  • Tightening the cartons and boxes.
  • Unloading of items carefully to avert damages
  • Latest equipment usage to unload huge machinery, boxes, etc.
  • Secured unloading of items by professional workers.

Loading and unloading is a tedious job and needs professionalism to get the desired result. There is a more risk included in self-loading where experience comes into play. We employ trained loaders who load goods on the instructions of our esteemed customers. The absence of them doesn't discourage them in loading products where the least wanted product is placed initially. We even undertake the task of unloading at the destination.

Prashant Packers and Movers Car Transportation Services

Car Transportation Services

Car transportation services by Prashant Packers & Movers. Pune is the best option for you or your family when promptness and greater care are required. Our professionals will take great care of the vehicle right from the loading till unloading.

Need your vehicles shipped from one place to another? Prashant Packers & Mover's auto transport service can ship your car within India, with or without your other belongings. Prashant Packers & Movers, Pune, is well-known for moving household goods, but we also offer auto transport services. Through our own nationwide fleet of enclosed and open sided car carrier units, Prashant Packers & Movers Pune can offer you dependable auto transport services through its network in India as well as overseas. Whether you’re looking to ship just an car, or an car with your household goods, we can service your needs. We look forward to assisting you. Prashant Packers & Mover's auto transportation services provide:

We are an emerging master in the relocation services industry. We deliver all kinds of transportation, including other vehicle services. We understand shifting from one location to another is itself a difficult task. Utilizing our professional transportation team of experts, we promise for stress-free movement.

Prashant Packers and Movers Warehouse


Prashant Packers and Movers offers warehousing and storage services to the well-developed warehousing facilities that we have asserted all over the country. We perceive that it is very vital to store in-transit products properly, and hence, safety is better kept in mind. We choose the right storage locations in affiliation with our channel partners and take care of the needed process, such as loading and unloading.

We offer safe and secure Warehousing Storage Services for our clients spread across all over India. Goods are stored under strict supervision of professionals. CTC cameras are also installed at our warehouse for safety of goods. Our warehouses are well managed and equipped with all the required facilities for safe storage.

In our storage warehouse, you can store anything from official reports to your worthful household goods. We offer full protection for all your items, and our storage facility is of much essential to the people in the moving business. We provide the latest warehousing and storage services. There are no options for damage or scratches for your products.

Prashant Packers and Movers Office and Industrial Packing Services

Office and Industrial Packing Services

Prashant Packers and Movers deliver office and industrial packing services with a caring and qualified expert. We provide a custom-made service from individuals to businesses and families. We offer a complete national packing and relocation services as a full, part, and return loads. In combination with our associate networks, we can organize relocations to practically anywhere inside the country.

We know the decision to make full relocation of your business to a new location is risky or troublesome. It sometimes becomes crucial, and you cannot avert it. You should focus on your tasks as you cannot stop work or deliver the services to your customers. With assistance from professionals in office relocation, you can solve the issue.

We offer office and industrial moving services for our customers all over India. We also assist you in dealing with this hard task of relocating to a new location. We promise you of continuous transportation of all the products you have. If you require our services, you don’t have to concern about anything as we are going to be aware of all things from moving packing delicate IT equipment, office infrastructure, loading, unpacking, unloading, safety, etc.

Prashant Packers and Movers Insurance Service

Insurance Service

Insurance is vital to handle the emergency and to make up losses during relocation. Prashant Packers and Movers cover all your products under broad insurance coverage. We even assist you in all the documents and paperwork related to insurance. Any kind of natural disaster or an accident could be harmful to items during transportation.

We have partnerships with many insurance service providers to offer excellent value for money in case of any loss. With the assistance of our insurance options, we guard products and other goods for a single product loss or damage. Choosing expert packers and movers can happen many times in life. More things required to be moved like wardrobes, furniture, household goods, glass items, and many more. For all these tasks in the running, expert assistance is the most wanted one.

We are better known in the industry for valuing your worries and expressing significance towards your products. The transit insurance covers all your products that are being moved from one location to another. This removes the stress from the equation, and therefore, we offer you the relocation insurance service.

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